Our commitment to build communities, within communities



Creating landmarks in communities

Every development reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, driven by a passion for timeless craftsmanship. We meticulously scrutinize every element of each project, striving to bring real estate to its highest and best use while providing unique opportunities for investors of our developments.

Our philosophy

Bloomfield Group is dedicated to the prosperity of all its stakeholders, upholding a set of elevated standards and principles. The pillars of the company’s success lie in its unwavering commitment to integrity, originality, dependability, and meticulousness, values that have been and will persist as the cornerstone of its philosophy.


Your home awaits

The Bloomfield Group has been creating affordable communities throughout the GTA since 2007. Each community is carefully selected to ensure public transportation is within close proximity and close to all modern amenities. At Bloomfield, we consider our buyer’s comfort and convenience while selecting locations. 

Recent Projects